The Beginners’ Guide to vaping

Important parts on vaping device, in Beginners' Guide to vaping
Important parts on vaping device showing in Beginners’ Guide to vaping

Are you zealous to enter the world of vaping? So hope you are here to know the information on how it works. Bravo! You are at the right destination. Here is a brief description of everything related to vaping. This guide is to help you know more about vaping e-cigarette UAE and its experience before you start your thrilling adventure.

Components of Vaping Devices:

Drip tip

Inhale the e-juice through your drip tip.


The tank is where the e-liquid is placed.


Wicking material, usually cotton, surrounds the metal coil. A timely change of wicking material is necessary for efficient vaping devoid of burnt taste.

Battery / Regulated Mod

The battery is the powerhouse of the vape device that provides the electronics to heat the coil. The battery capacity is measured in milliamperes per hour.

Different types of Vapes


As the name suggests, the device imitates conventional cigarette in its appearance. It is designed mainly for beginners. The design is simpler for anyone to calibrate. There are 3 types of popular cig-a-like vapes. They are

Disposable Vapes

It has a built-in battery and prefilled e-juice. It can be discarded after use.

Prefilled Vapes

We can easily pop the pod in and out of our kit. Novices find prefilled pods a suitable companion.

Refillable Vapes

It is a small vape device with a detachable pod that has a built-in low wattage battery. The e-juices can be easily refilled. Cig-a-like vapes usually come as a vape kit of 5 or more cartridges.

Vape Pens (MTL)

They are cylindrical vape devices larger than cig-a-like vape kits with increased battery power and cloud production.

Pod Mod

Pod mods are low wattage vape devices with nic-salt e-juices. They are user-friendly and ultra-portable vape devices.

Box Mod

It is the most sophisticated and powerful vape device in the Vape market. It is designed particularly for cloud chasers. It has high battery power backed up with advanced features to personalize the user’s vaping experience.

The Perfect Steps to Vaping

To enhance the vaping experience, the right knowledge about the vaping procedure is necessary. Here is a simple procedure to let you know the basic steps involved in vaping.


Take a slow and steady draw until your mouth gets filled with vapour. It is how you inhale an electronic cigarette.

Hold and Exhale

Hold the drawn vapour in the mouth for about 3-5 seconds and then inhale it into the lungs or exhale through the nose or mouth. Unlike conventional smoking where nicotine can be absorbed through the lungs, e-vapours can be initially absorbed through the mucus membrane in the mouth and later through the lungs and nose.


Vaping is a personal choice. You have every right to decide if you are an adult. Recent years have witnessed many smokers switching to vaping because of its healthy benefits. Vaping may initially appear disgusting to beginners particularly the ones who switched from cigarette smoking. However, the truth seems to be different. Knowledge of the Vape Dubai trends and the vaping mechanism makes vaping an effortless technique. Anyone can be an expert vaper by following the ideal guidelines.


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