Blinking Of The Oil Vape Pen While Puffing

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Depending on the colours of lights or the flashes, we can determine whether they are charged or if it needs charging or if it has drained out of charge, and even more. However, the blinking light is confusing as it offers diverse meanings. Sometimes, you may have received your product without a catalogue instructing what each light colour depicts. This blog intends an informative session where we could guide our readers on what each light in vape pen symbolises.


Blinking of Vape Pens while Taking a Hit

Blinking of these pens, while attempting for a vape hit is mainly because of 2 reasons:

Reason 1:

The Vape Pen might be out of Battery

If you turn on your vape pen and it blinks impactfully and turns off, all of a sudden, maybe your battery is dead and it needs a quick charge. You can feel it before the battery goes off completely. As the battery is about to drain out, it would be evident with shorter and shorter inhales while you attempt to take a hit. Always check on your battery for the vaping experience. Charge your product with its original charger for the best performance. The charging times for different models are different; however, it will likely charge in an hour or two.


Reason 2:

Vape Might be Too Hot

The best-branded vape pens from Vape Dubai have safety features incorporated in them; a safety shut off when the temperature is incredible is one of the features. If you already had several hits and while going for the next, the device blinked and turned off, it might be high time for a cooling period for the device. Give a break to your vaping for about 10 to 15 minutes before having the next session.


Safety shut-offs are backups that protect both the battery and cartridge of these pens. Vape Batteries and the electronic circuit were damaged with high temperatures. If any of these components get burnt, there is no option other than buying a replacement for both.


How can you know when your battery is dead or when your oil vape is too hot?

To wait for your vape pen to cool down when a blinking occurs and finally realise that a dead battery caused the blinking is a devastating experience. Also, charging the battery when the vape is overheated may potentially damage the device. However, to your rescue, Vape Dubai suggests a few methods to identify the cause of blinking without wasting time or damaging the equipment.

At what instances does the vape pen blink?

If your vape pen stays on constantly and blinks when you try for a hit, this means that they are too hot to handle the puff. The safety feature in the product ensures that the pen is turned off while trying for a puff when the system is already hot, but it doesn’t prevent the pen from turning on when not taking the puff. In contradiction, if they stay on only for a few seconds and immediately blinks off, irrespective of what you do, it might be because the battery is too low and about to die. You need to plugin for charging in this situation.


How Hot is the Oil Vape Pen?

If you feel a burning or warm sensation when touching the vape pen, understand the fact that it might be probably because of overheating. On the other hand, if your product blinks even when it is stone-cold, it might need a charging session.


What do the Other Lights in Vape Pen Mean?

Most vape pens are designed to inform us with necessary information through their light system. However, what each light depicts varies with vape models and brands. Here are general facts of this product communicate with their Light system (PS: some brands, however, opt for different choices of colours for communication).

1. Green Light


The green light (sometimes blue in some vapes), means things are on the safer side. In simple terms, it means the device is powered on; and everything is favourable to a seamless vaping session. Or if it shows a green light while charging, it indicates that the battery is fully charged and is ready to be removed from the plug.


2. Red Light

The red light indicates an unfavourable condition; something awry is about to happen. A solid red light while using the device indicates a technical misfunctioning; maybe the cartridge is not completely connected or any other technical issue. On the other hand, a blinking red light while charging the device indicates a successful charging procedure.

however, there is an exception when the power button is pressed while taking a hit. At this time, it shows a red light indicating that the extra power is utilized to produce a tasty vapour.


Catalogues on Vape Pens

This product provided by Vape Dubai usually has a manual detailing what each colour in the light system indicates. Whenever you purchase a new vape pen, spend some time understanding the features with a thorough read on the manual, learning the best ways to use and take care of the device.


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