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How do you pick the right e-juice? It is one of the most substantial parts of your vaping experience, and it’s important to be well informed when picking a flavour. We know how hard it can be searching for that perfect vape juice! Vape Dubai knows that hunting for an e-juice can get confusing with many available options. So we have created this guide to help you find your favourite flavour.

What flavour would it be best for me to collect?

Vaping is a popular choice for smokers looking for alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. New arrivals at our store always ask something similar: “Do you have any Belmont or Marlboro e-fluid?” Our standard response is no because even though some e-fluids mimic the flavour of these cigarettes brands, they aren’t as successful in replicating what you taste in your cigarette, which includes scorched paper and dry tobacco with added substances. However, there are many great Tobacco Flavoured E-Juices available today; we suggest Vampire Vape or Dinner Lady that Tobacco flavoured juices with notes of smokey flavours. You can find all juices on Vape House Dubai.

Why natural products in e-juices?

I know you are thinking – hey, I am a smoker; why would I need to vape ready mango or strawberry e-liquids? From our experience and aptitude in the business, we realize that out of all smokers who changed to vaping with their first flavour being tobacco, most returned after one week requesting to try those fruity and sweet e-fluids. See, when you smoke, you cover your taste buds, so for them, it’s just about an annoyance when they hear they will breathe in fruit enhanced vapour mists. However, after quitting smoking by yourself, time begins recapturing your sense of smell and taste buds. So don’t worry! We understand that it won’t be long before these ready mango juices is what’s on everyone’s mind again!

The Accurate Amount To Smoke

Suppose you are a pack-a-day smoker, around 20 cigarettes every day. You’re viewed as being quite hefty for smokers. Based on your device right now, this inquiry will have a variable answer. We propose 12mg of standard nicotine (freebase nicotine) or 35mg of Salt Nicotine depending on your vaping needs and preferences in terms of smoking habits and e-cigarette type:

  1. If you vape with an advanced kit – we recommend staying between 3 mg to 6 mg – as such devices produce more warmth and fume, which may result in increased throat hit impact when using freebase nicotine; you should not use salt nic if your advanced device has high wattage capabilities since it comes at higher concentrations than regular freebase nicotine hence its use would lead to these devices overheating beyond appropriate capacity.
  2.  On the other hand, if you vape with weaker setups that don’t require much power, then most likely 3 mg is sufficient for any one time intake but keep in mind that everyone’s need varies, so start low before gradually increasing until the desired effect has been achieved after which lower dosage can be reestablished without repercussion; similar rules apply even when switching from one juice flavour.

Indeed, it is likewise essential that TPD limits vape tanks to 2mL. It isn’t an arbitrary number; its goal is to balance the regulations with current innovations in the industry. Glass e-fluid containers were all the rage in 2013. Still, nowadays, it’s much more common to see makers of a liquid changing these glass bottles for PET crush bottles (thanks partly due to their handy needle nose design and ability to press on them). We used to create our VapeLoft image liquids utilizing 30mL glass dropper bottles at first. 

They’re not known for breaking or spilling, which is what the glass e-liquid bottles are known for. Presently you know that crushing an e-fluid bottle in your hand is a decision; one of the main different interesting points are: Is your device sub-ohm? If so, it will dissipate more quickly than lower-powered devices and higher resistance tanks. As such, you’ll drink through your fluid quicker. Do you like this liquid? On occasion, if not, go with a bigger size container since per ml cost will be less expensive instead of getting smaller sizes! You love our product and just so happen to buy from us again. Still, this time around, it’s coming in larger quantities, perfect because now we want to help by making sure there won’t be any need running back here day after day – unless visiting vape shops excites you, please stay!


Vape Hose Dubai has offered you the best tips on how to purchase e-juice. We hope that these tips have helped you make a decision, and now, we recommend looking at some of the various E-Juices!


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