Legal Update

To our esteemed clients/vapers of Vape Dubai, kindly be aware of the recent Legal update regarding vaping products and electronic cigarettes in Dubai!

The United Arab Emirates(UAE) government has introduced a new law allowing the sale of vaping products in the shops by the mid of April 2019. Hence, this law will bring about massive changes regarding the availability, the size of the bottles, and the strengths of the nicotine content.

So, get ready for this new initiative as it will bring about positive changes in the lives of millions of vapers in the UAE.

The changes that you will experience as a vaper

  • The availability of products
  • Price and Taxation of Products
  • Packaging of Products
  • The Capacity of the Tank
  • Multiple Strengths of Nicotine

Also, it is wise to remember that using an E-cigarette has the same legal repercussions as smoking a cigarette in prohibited areas.

Anyone caught using an e-cigarette by the law enforcement officials in unauthorised areas in Dubai will be charged with a hefty fine of up to 2,000 AED (£420)

So, we will be selling all the current vaping products in our collection till depletion, until any new rules, laws or regulations come into effect.

Moreover, we will be stocking the latest vaping products in our lineup once they are tested and approved by ESMA, starting from the mid of April onwards.

We will ensure to keep all our customers updated and informed if any new developments regarding the vaping laws get revised or introduced. Until then – Vape your way to bliss!