Maskking Vape UAE: Vape Dubai’s New Trump Card

Maskking Vape UAE

History of Maskking Vape Disposables

Maskking Vape UAE marked a new step in the era of electronic cigarettes around the world. The disposable pods’ compact, handy, user-friendly design has already gained recognition among the vape Dubai community.

In 2003, e-cigarettes originated due to unique creative innovation by Hong Leek in the vape industry in Hong Kong. The electronic cigarette was Hong Leek’s passionate approach to help humankind abandon the tobacco addiction and rely on a safer option. His thoughtful invention and greatest efforts generated an autonomous power supply and vaporizer system generating nicotine vapour from glycerine liquid. Within a year of his project, the company invented their first e-cigarette, following his theories.

Hong Leek’s invention gained a massive response, and hence he was considered the father of vaping. His thoughtful invention changed the history of smoking. It became something radically different and innovative, captivating the attention of the ones wishing for a healthier alternative to smoking. 

Maskking was developed to securely combine comfort and pleasure into a handy device. Maskking vape UAE makes vaping easier and effortless with disposable electronic cigarettes incorporating modern technology that does not require charging and cartridge changes.

The Maskking Vape UAE Flavours

The variety of flavours from Maskking Vape UAE will satisfy even the most demanding vapers: from classic tobacco flavours for conservatives to exotic mango with ice, and adventurous blood orange for those who like to experiment.

Here is a list of the most demanded Maskking Vape UAE flavours:

1.  Blood Orange by Maskking High GT

The Blood Orange Maskking Vape available at Vape Dubai is in great demand for its rejuvenating sweet orange flesh flavour infused with tangy red and hints of tart. The sleek finished vibrant red pod offers approximately 450 puffs from a single pod.

2.  Blue Razz by Maskking High GT

A relishing blend of blueberries with raspberries offers a unique vaping experience that one would always crave. To hold the handy classic blue pod in public is an executive way of attention-seeking.

3. Cocktail by Maskking High GT

There is no better option for a vape party than with the Maskking Vape UAE Cocktail flavour which is a mix of tropical fruit flavours. It offers a more phenomenal vaping session.

4. Coffee Tobacco by Maskking High GT

The Maskking introduced the Coffee Tobacco flavour that serves as a ravishing and aromatic blend of energetic coffee and rich tobacco that offers a seamless kick.

5. Energy Juice by Maskking High GT

Nothing satisfies our quenching desires as an energy booster drink does. Masking Vapes introduced an Energy e-juice that emulates the feeling of energy juice when drunk. Find the lustrous taste of an energy drink with the Energy Juice from Maskking Vape!

6.  Ice Coke by Maskking High GT

Not just the captivating brown tinge attracts the vaper’s attention, but the refreshing and revitalising coke flavour infused with cool ice refreshes not just our body but our soul too.

7. Ice Mango by Maskking High GT

Who doesn’t love the oversweetness of ripe mangoes? The ice mango flavour brings out the icy sensation of the ripe mangoes effectively that one can taste the flavourful mangoes throughout the year, irrespective of seasons.


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