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Explore Everything About Vape Mods and Vape Pods in Dubai

Vape mods

About Vape Mod Vape mods are large devices that can produce high concentrations of vapour. These advanced gadgets follow the simple process of a normal vape pen but come with several additional features such as increased battery life and larger tanks for holding e-juice. Whatever the upgrades maybe, you’re not going to find them in […]

What are vape pens? Can we buy a vape pen in Dubai?

Vape Dubai

A vape pen is a personal vaping product that is long, slim, similar to that of a normal pen. This type of vape device uses a battery-powered heating element powered by electricity to heat the stored e-liquid until it vaporizes and transforms into luscious clouds. Unlike traditional cigarettes which produce harmful chemicals including tar and […]

Blinking Of The Oil Vape Pen While Puffing

Vape Pen

Depending on the colours of lights or the flashes, we can determine whether they are charged or if it needs charging or if it has drained out of charge, and even more. However, the blinking light is confusing as it offers diverse meanings. Sometimes, you may have received your product without a catalogue instructing what […]