An In-Depth Analysis Of The Best Vape Brand In Dubai!

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The hottest vape brand in the UAE without a doubt is Riot Squad by Vape Dubai. The British-based company has only been around since 2016, yet despite this, they have managed to advance within the vaping sector. Riot Squad uses a cutting-edge approach to vaping and sets itself apart from rivals with its fantastic packaging and top-notch quality.

vape brand

Of course, it’s a liquid for vaping! But it’s obvious that this isn’t your typical e-liquid. The flagship of this well-known vaping brand offers a wide variety of spicy flavours. Riot Squad by Vape Abu Dhabi has made a name for itself among vapers as a high-quality product thanks to its emphasis on powerful fruit fusions.

Listing The Top 3 Flavours Available From Vape Dubai

1. Cream Leaf Hybrid:

Cream Leaf by Riot Squad is a potent and tasty nicotine blend. The savoury and smoky undertones of the leaf are balanced on the inhale by a sweet cream flavour, and the two flavours come together to create a rich vape that eventually makes it the greatest vape brand. This e-juice, which is a part of the Riot Squad Hybrid Salt range, has a nicotine content of 50% salt and 50% freebase.

The advantage of this hybrid nicotine flavour is that it has a throat feel that is stronger than traditional freebase blends while still providing the rapid nicotine absorption that you may associate with salt mixes.

2. Sub-Lime:

The Sub-Lime e-liquid by Riot Squad from the online vape store of Vape UAE is a citrus mixture with berry fruit overtones. This e-liquid combination combines bitter blackcurrant with acidic lime and lemon zest to produce a balance of sweet and salty flavours.

A combination blend of freebase and salt nicotine is employed in the Sub-Lime taste, one of the greatest vape brands. When vaped, you’ll still feel the rapid nicotine absorption that you would expect with saline mixes, but with a throat hit that is stronger than it is with standard blends that are available in nicotine strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg.

3. Ultra Peach E Liquid:

The Ultra Peach Tea e-liquid by Riot Squad is a mixture of beers that tastes like a well-known beverage. Smooth peach and cool ice tea continuously blend to create a genuine flavour. Riot Squad is the greatest vape brand because of its flavours, which combine salt and freebase nicotine in Ultra Peach Tea e-liquid. They come in packs with 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg of nicotine.

This e-juice, which contains 50% VG, creates a rich flavour with a fairly high cloud generation when used with a pod device or starter kit.

Is Riot Squad the top vape brand in Dubai?

Riot Squad is without a doubt the most well-known vape in Dubai juice brand, and it has nailed it in every way by offering a wide range of flavours to suit every palette. They stand out from the competition thanks to their distinctive flavour combinations and ultra-smooth hybrid nicotine salt base.

vape brand

Riot squad e-liquids, which are distinguished by their unusual bullet-shaped pod design, are without a doubt one of the greatest vape companies. Riot Squad is regarded by vape fans as the greatest of the top vape brands as a result of all of these elements and their effects, which have helped them win countless awards at various expos and events.


The Riot Squad e-juice, the finest vape brand in Dubai, wants to attract more people who are interested in discovering as much as they can about vaping and experiencing a terrific vaping session. The device aimed to ignite the vaping industry by rapidly meeting the demands and expectations of connoisseurs. Riot Squad by vape Dubai Shop has developed into a dependable and trustworthy vaping product with a remarkable global following over the years!

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