A Sneak Peek Into The Best Vape Juice Flavours In UAE

Vape Juice

It’s all about the flavour or Vape Juice when it comes to vaping and none of us wants to remain unpleasant while inhaling a flavour that we do not even enjoy.  As a result, it’s vital to explore around to find and own the best e-juice flavour to make your vaping sessions the best. Again, the best e-juice flavour really depends upon your tastes and preferences. You can choose e-liquids with high levels of vegetable glycerin(VG) if you enjoy blowing up enormous clouds and enjoy smooth throat hits. On the other hand, Propylene glycol (PG) is more flavorful and has strong throat impacts similar to smoking cigarettes.

Vape Juice

Finding the right flavours and VG/PG combinations for you will take some time. After all, we all have distinct palates and vape preferences. Therefore, the only secret is to try various e-juices. Avoid settling for what you’ve grown accustomed to or what is now available and try various blends and flavours of Vape UAE liquids which are fun, thereby quickly determining what is perfect for you.


1. Guava by Reds

The Reds vape juice is recognised for its classic red apple flavour, but there’s more to this e-juice flavour than this which is the taste that blends red apple and guava.

vape juice

However, the end product is a sweet vape juice with a smooth, realistic flavour that won’t let you feel unpleasant.

2. Coffee Milk by Moo E-liquids

Coffee Milk is a predominant vape juice from the Eliquids line that combines the flavour of cold brew coffee with the richness of fresh cream. When you vape this e-juice, you can’t help but just embrace the richness of the coffee flavour and it tastes really authentic which will bring you joy.

vape juice

Coffee Milk is a great choice for long vaping sessions as it can be used the whole day. The creamy flavour of this e-juice hits you when you vape it. On the inhale, you may detect a hint of sweet coffee and when you exhale, the coffee and milk flavours are evident.

3. Caramel coffee with Chilled milk

Chilled Caramel Coffee is a popular vape juice flavour in the United Arab Emirates as this vape juice combines caramel and coffee flavours with menthol overtone to satisfy your taste buds.

vape juice

Caramel Coffee will be absolutely appealing to those who have sweet cravings. Moreover, it has a black coffee aroma with pleasant caramel and fresh milk

4. Apricot e-juice by Ripe gold series

Apricot e-juice is a delicious way to start your day with your favourite fruit. The taste of this e-liquid is that of buttered toast with a generous helping of apricot jam and the flavour is rich and delectable.

vape juice

In addition to that, the apricot jam flavour is sweet and smoky, and a tint of toasted bread flavour is also present. This culinary combination offers a pleasant delight that will tickle your taste buds and it is the perfect complement to a cup of coffee in the morning as it is overflowing with the juiciness of apricot.

5. Strawberry e-juice by Macaroon

Have you ever genuinely wished for candy bars which were solely in strawberry flavour? Strawberry Macaroon tang is a synonym for this as this e-juice has a mouthwatering strawberry aroma with a sticky candy overtone. You’ll think you’re consuming real candy bars because of the sweet and tangy essence of strawberries.

vape juice

This e-juice gives you the exact flavour of strawberry in every puff. The flavour of this e-liquid isn’t extremely fruity as a result, you can vape it for a long period without any disappointment.


Picking your own personal favourite e-juice flavour is central for the users because flavours are fairly subjective when it comes to vaping.  To keep your vaping experience fresh and exciting, it might be great to experiment with different flavours, try new things, and keep it interesting. There is a wide array of e-liquid flavours available on the Vape Dubai store, so broaden your horizons and experience the unknown!


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