Vape Dubai’s Tips to Achieve Best E-juice Flavours


There are two types of vapers when it comes to vaping: cloud chasers and flavour chasers, in particular. Although vapers rely on electronic cigarettes for many seasons, cloud chasing and flavour chasing is the most common reason for advanced and chain vapers.

Although giant clouds are incredibly appealing and fascinating, the real magic of vaping is involved in the delectable flavours it offers. With a wide range of flavourful e-juices in the Vape Dubai market, one can blow away with a unique taste very often; and it is more ravishing than producing massive clouds. Finding the best flavours and achieving the best result is a task that could be succeeded only with the trial and error method. Therefore, this blog intends to provide a basic idea about flavour chasing with hints and tips that we developed with frequent trial and error methods. Here are a few tips on how to use e-juice for the best flavour result:

Keep it Clean:  

This is an essential tip that should be followed by every vaper for best results. Keeping the wicks, coils and tanks clean would directly lead to a seamless vaping session with the best flavours from your e-juices. Of course, all vapers are aware of this fact. But most of us are lazy, ignore the cleaning session, and never bother about the maintenance. If you often change the e-juice flavours but never bother to change your coil, we recommend you try and avoid mixing your flavours too much.

If you intend to switch to a subtle e-juice flavour from a strong tobacco e-liquid all at once, you may not experience the best flavour. So we suggest you have stock of a few tanks for different e-juices and make sure that you maintain the hygiene by cleaning it often and allowing them to perfectly dry. 

Wattage and Temperature:

Wattage and temperature control is the easiest method to improve the quality of e-juice flavours. The interesting feature of e-juice is that there are infinite e-juice flavours in the Vape Dubai market. Therefore, finding the right balance of wattage and temperature enhances the quality of e-juice by providing a seamless vaping session. We recommend starting low with wattage and temperature and gradually increasing the power until reaching the desired flavour output. Taste and flavours are exceptionally subjective, so finding the perfect flavour is achieved only through trial and error.

Choose the Perfect E-juice:

E-liquids are a perfect combination of PG and VG, blended in the right ratio to obtain the e-juice of desired flavour and cloud. The PG and VG ratio we prefer largely depends on the vaping needs. For a cloud chasing vaper, VG heavy liquids are the best options. However, if you intend to have a flavour while chasing cloud, go for a 50/50 mix or above. VG and PG are the base elements that carry nicotine and flavours into vapours with heating. If you are a flavour chaser in need of a flavourful e-juice, a good ratio of PG complements your need as it is the best carrier of flavour.

Experiment with Air Flow:

The airflow opening is important in both cloud chasing and flavour chasing. This is because the density of the e-juice is indirectly proportional to the airflow opening. The lesser the density of e-juice, the bigger is the cloud. The downside of airflow management is that increasing the airflow reduces the flavour.

For flavourful vaping, reduce the airflow. However, don’t be over-enthusiastic; cutting short the airflow beyond a point drops the vapour production vigorously, causing overheating of e-juice. So, instead, start with a lower drop in airflow and gradually increase it until you obtain the perfect flavouring.

Atomiser plays a Vital Role:

An ideal atomiser enhances the flavours of e-juices. Although personal preference stands out in obtaining a delectable flavour, following some general rules would facilitate every vaper in common.

Bottom coil atomisers do not require a wick to suck the e-juice up as in top coil counterparts and hence are important. In addition, sub-ohm tanks have the potential to run anything below 1 ohm and hence are efficient in improving the quality of both vapour production and flavour output. Each of us has different preferences. The best flavours would vary depending on our taste and needs. Never should we be afraid of experimenting. Experimenting with infinite flavours with different adjustments on wattage, temperature, airflow with a well-crafted atomiser can offer the best results.


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