What are vape pens? Can we buy a vape pen in Dubai?

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A vape pen is a personal vaping product that is long, slim, similar to that of a normal pen. This type of vape device uses a battery-powered heating element powered by electricity to heat the stored e-liquid until it vaporizes and transforms into luscious clouds. Unlike traditional cigarettes which produce harmful chemicals including tar and ash, vape pens from Vape Dubai do not emit these harmful substances when heated with an electrical source such as batteries or power cords.


This also makes them less risky for those who want to use them as smoking cessation tools. Vape pens come in various shapes other than slender rods like lighters or cigars. They can be thicker sticks like an actual cigarette, but others are low-priced but don’t compromise on quality because these cheaper models are made specifically for beginners.
However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not capable of delivering a wonderfully satisfying experience or being highly customisable. There are plenty of high-quality pens that deliver an effective and enjoyable vaping experience for newbies as well as experienced vapers alike.


Components of a Vape Pen

Every vape pen is unique depending on the brand and model you go for, but you can generally rely on their structure to have the same basic components which include :

1. A battery is the power source for the Vape pen.

2. A tank and atomiser (or pre-filled pod) where e-liquid is heated and vaporised.

3. An indicator light that shows when your vape pen/device is powered or charging.

4. Several variants of vape pens will also have sensors that change their colour based on battery life, so pay attention to those indicators.

Filling the E-liquid Compartment

The next step is to select an e-liquid flavour and fill the device’s e-liquid chamber. Once you’ve decided on your choice of flavour, locate the appropriate cartridge for it in our selection. Our premium e-juice comes from a variety of brands with flexible nicotine and CBD options for your preference (just remember that pods are designed to work with pre-filled cartridges). To find out how many millilitres go into each cartridge type or pod, just reference their instructions manuals as they come with specific information about what goes where. If you’re working with a particular brand/pod/device which requires filling manually, we recommend starting by getting the vape pods at Vape Dubai!

Benefits of Vape Pens

There are many benefits of using vape pens. For one, they are lightweight and compact so that you can use them on the go with ease. They also have a simple operation that makes it easy to use as a beginner in vaping, even as a backup when your high powered device is running low on battery life or not working properly anymore. Furthermore, there is no previous experience needed for anyone to start vaping because these devices make it very user friendly for people new to this lifestyle change. There are plenty of experienced vapers who reach for their vape pen when they want an effortless session where stress isn’t involved at all – just something casual and relaxed like taking out your favourite book from the shelf!

Can you buy Vape Pen in Dubai?

We are one of Dubai’s leading vape retailers! We offer a huge selection of premium brands and award-winning flavours through our stores across the city, as well as an online store for nationwide delivery.


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