Mad Hatter Juice is a premium e-liquid manufacture based out of Los Angeles, California.Evidentally, they are a premium vape juice company proud with on crafting delicious e-Liquids. They always work with quality ingredients with exceptional flavor profiles from top mixologists.

Furthermore, they are responsible for creating some of the most creative flavor profiles and packaging designs. Hence, These are ranging from the I Love series and much more.

This brand is becoming worldly famous due to the creation of the delicious I Love Donuts and I Love Cookies line up.

The flavor profile of I Love Donuts is fresh blueberries with sugary cake donuts. It taste just like the best blueberry donut you ever ate only without any of the calories! Mad Hatter Juice uses the finest USP grade ingredients. Therefore, providing exceptional flavor in the Max VG based E-Liquid. See why people are going crazy over them.The collection comprises of numerous free-base nicotine collection and the wildly popular I Love Salts for nicotine salts collection.

Experience the other latest edition to the Mad Hatter Juice e-liquid line up. I Love Candy is a line up of 3 flavors based on spot on recipes of your favorite candy! The Blue Raspberry a perfect mixture of all your favorite blue raspberry gummy candies. Furthermore, to everybody favorite Watermelon Candy, and the Rainbow by I Love Candy Gourmet 60ml a perfect twist.

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