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Syiko is an e-cigarette manufacturer specializing in the development and production of e-cigarettes.

Generally, they are in the vape pod systems and pod cartridge are also famous among beginner vapers.

Obviously, Syiko SE vape pod system’s most innovative designer 2.0-inch color screen displays specific operational information. So, information such as vaping time, battery, voltage, temperature and more.

Henceforth, it is suitable for beginners vapers. The Vape House Dubai shop sells Syiko vaping products as well as other brands vape.

While little is known about them, some of their flagship products is gaining quite a bit of buzz over the last couple years. This is include their innovative SE Pod System.

This cutting-edge device showcasestheir penchant for unique, exciting design choices. Furthermore, in addition to bold technological advancements like touch screens and mesh coils. While they have never been a particularly prolific company, be sure to keep an eye on this page for anything and everything produced by Syiko.

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