The Custard Shoppe is a range manufactured in the United States by SS Vape Brands. They focused purely on distinct custard pie tastes, flavours in this range. Which includes berries and confectionary based variants.

While taking a stroll through rainy London, the Jam Monster team were looking for their next big eliquid idea.

Dark, damp and down in the dumps, they saw a glimmer of light from an unassuming bakery, The Custard Shoppe.

Eventually, in they went with a faint ring of the bell and they instantly felt home, the smell of delicious custard pies warmed their spirits. Hence, the trio of butterscotch, blackberry and raspberry filling made them know they were onto a winner.

SS Vapes are responsible for other amazing liquids such as Cream Team & Jam Monster, be sure to check them out if you enjoyed these e-liquids.

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