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The vape community around the world has expanded over the years in number. Recent years have seen a trend of more and more people switching from combustible cigarettes to electronic cigarettes as it serves as a healthy alternative. This trend urged for frequent updates in the vape flavours and quality as the selective vape community demands innovations in their vape devices and vape flavours.

Numerous vape brands have been introduced to quench the vape thirst of vapers around the globe. But like any other industry, only the best would thrive in the competition. It has become essential for vape brands to prove their authenticity and innovative spirit to succeed in vape history.

Vape Monkey UAE is home to a handful of authentic premium e-cigarettes in the UAE. We facilitate our vape Dubai community by introducing world-class premium vape brands in the UAE at affordable pricing. All the brands that we provide at Vape Monkey are authentic and meet a high-quality standard. Whether you are a novice or an advanced vaper, Vape Monkey can satisfy your desires for vaping effectively.

What does the Vape Dubai community look for?

As discussed above, in an era of frequent innovations and updates, to thrive in the Vape industry with serious competition, we require authentic and genuine products that get updated frequently to meet customer requirements. To enhance the brand name, there are plenty of features to be considered. From the vape quality to creativity, everything is vital, particularly for vape brands aiming to impress even the selective vapers.

Here are a few of the characteristics of the electronic cigarettes UAE the Vape Monkey UAE team considers while compiling our list of the best vape brands in the UAE:


Only a vape brand that is subject to frequent authentic innovations thrives in the Vape market. The best vape brands are always open to innovations, delivering vape technology that satisfies almost every vaper need, resolving every vape issue, and above all, offering a next-level vape experience.


Buying the costliest electronic cigarette in UAE doesn’t necessarily ensure top quality. When you are investing your hard-earned capital in your vaping needs, you should make sure that the product is authentic with premium quality. The vape brands provided at Vape Monkey UAE are committed to providing genuine vape products like Vape kits, E-juices, Salt Nic and hence are valued and appreciated by our Vape UAE community.

The Vaper’s Choice:

Authentic brands welcome customer feedback and update their products to meet the latter’s requirements.


Although looks do not influence the vape quality, a certain sense of style is essential to keep the high standard. The reputed brands combine aesthetics with functionality in their devices to achieve an appealing performance.


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