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With my peculiar preferences, it was hard to find the right e-juice flavours. As such,... I was recommended the vape products offered by Dubai Vape, and it turned out to be the best choice I have more
Xena Tess
Xena Tess
12:40 22 Nov 21
The e-liquids in their collection are the best ones I have ever had in a while. And it... feels awesome to vape in Dubai with the product of all these international more
Belgium Hois
Belgium Hois
11:36 20 Nov 21
Dubai Vape basically serves a stunning range of vape products from several... international brands at low rates. This is why I love their products so much!read more
08:31 18 Nov 21
For the past three months, I have enjoyed the delicious salt nics offered by you guys.... It’s truly one of the best purchases I have made in a long time!read more
Gilbert Dan
Gilbert Dan
15:51 15 Nov 21
The e-juices are spot on with regards to the flavour and intensity. Would love to... purchase them again!read more
Keron Pillars
Keron Pillars
13:28 09 Nov 21
I experienced the best tasting flavours of vape juices from Dubai Vape. And in my... honest opinion, the quality of their e-liquid is so far equal to none!read more
Hoa Pham
Hoa Pham
15:56 08 Nov 21
The mods and vape juices are amazing. I have loved the quality of these products and... will be ordering more of more
Emma Seth
Emma Seth
15:51 08 Nov 21
It’s quite amazing to find the same flavours in a diverse range of intensities. These... guys certainly got the best collections in more
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
11:16 08 Nov 21
I expected the taste of the salt nics to be good, but it turned out to be an absolute... treat to the senses. Highly more
Jhon Levi
Jhon Levi
15:52 06 Nov 21
The flavours from Dubai Vape never ceases to amaze me. And they got absolutely massive... collections!read more
14:03 05 Nov 21


Vape Dubai is the most populous online vape shop in Dubai that offers countless choices to customers. It originated with a mission to become the best in the market to influence the way people vape!. Vapers of all levels of expertise, from novices to advanced cloud chasers, rely on Vape House. From disposable vape kits to high power mods and complex flavours, we have already excelled in providing the best in the Vape UAE market.

We have pledged to update our collection with the latest products with our innovative technology in the world of vaping. At any point, we are confident enough to assure that our best vape customers will never have a disappointing vaping experience with Vape House. High standard products and hospitable customer service are our pivotal commitments.


Vape Dubai is one of the best Vape shops that can assure a rejuvenating and successful vaping journey for its customers. We are determined to be an everlasting aid for its customers from the very beginning. our customer service team has received impeccable appreciation over the years. The omniscient team is available for your services 24×7. And the interesting part is they can guide you on the right path with detailings of our vape products and help you choose the best that satiates your need.

The hospitable team has a courteous and prompt answer to all your questions and enquiries. Our vape Dubai shop is aware of the competition that awaits us in the UAE sector. However, Vape House is still confident in our business, for, unlike some other websites, we don’t promote fake products with a profit increment mission. We value our customers.

Our only motive is to provide them with the best. The popularity of our Vape Dubai shop is an answer to our years of constant hard work and trustworthy services to our customers. Authentic products and trustworthy services are our top priority. All our products have a scientific backup in health. Also, before suggesting a product to our customers, Vape Dubai consider their interests, health and desires to make the ideal selection.


Unlike our ancestors, the present generation fascinates thrilling healthy adventures. They are not into risking their own lives for the sake of entertainment and addiction. This single reason clearly explains why vaping is more popular than smoking these days. Health takes you a long way. Quitting smoking achieves a longer lifetime.

But for someone like a chain smoker, quitting smoking is not easier unless they find a healthy alternative. It marked the origin of vapes. The Vape Dubai lifestyle promotes healthy e-cigarettes that are advantageous over conventional ones. Here is a list of a few advantages among the many.

1. Budget-Friendly 

Smoking cigarette is an expensive affair. A chain smoker should save a significant amount every month on his unhealthy addiction. Vaping, on the other hand, is a healthy and affordable alternative. The initial investment might be a little high for we have to purchase the accessories. But considering the annual budget, the cost is cheaper.

2. Safe and Healthy

Vape House is one of the most authentic vape Dubai shops that introduces less toxic e-juices. E-liquids have no sediment residue in your lungs, making them safer. Vapes UAE improves immunity, eases your breath, imparts a healthy respiratory system and controls blood pressure.

3. Zero Passive Smoking Effect

Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t endanger the life of secondary vapers. During vaping, not just the people in the near vicinity, but even the furniture and interiors are free from dust and smoke particles. On the other hand, smoking puts everything at risk.

4. Infinite Options

The only flavour a conventional cigarette offer is tobacco, and it is known for its addiction. On the other hand, Vape Dubai astonishes the customers with a handful of flavours to try. Moreover, you can choose the nicotine level in your e-juices. The delectable flavours are something to crave.

5. Effortless Deaddiction

Above all, if you adamantly need an escape from cigarette addiction, there is no better choice than an electronic cigarette from Vape UAE. These are less addictive; researches prove that they are far more efficient and safe than other nicotine alternatives.


The Vape Dubai team knows how it feels when receiving the much-awaited product. And for this reason, we never disappoint our customers by making them wait so long. We celebrate our success with the on-time delivery of our safely packed authentic products at your doorsteps. All you need to do is choose the perfect product you can indulge in; place the order through the website. Then, we will deliver your fantasy to your doorsteps in no time.


“Foresee an enthusiastic healthy vaping community steered to their target of the cigarette-free world with strategical excellence of Vape UAE concept.”


“To conduct a comprehensive overview on the desires of the Vape in Dubai community and work in confluence for the deputation of a healthier world.”

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